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Holiday Crafting Wrap Up

It’s been a while, but I am back and crafting. 2014 came to a very busy end, and while I did spend my lead up to the Holidays crafting, I couldn’t post any of my projects with out revealing some gifts before they were given. Thanks to some wonderful posts on Pinterest and the help of my Mom’s sewing tips, here are some of my handmade holiday gifts!

Crafting Mess

To keep loved ones warm and cozy, I made some neck warmers and little hand warmers.

Hand WarmersRenee & Kelly Neck Warmers

I used a variety of cotton fabrics with cute patterns. I filled mine up with rice, they hold the heat nicely. I got the idea from these Pinterest Posts: Therapeutic Neck Pillow. These are super cute shaped like Owls: Owl Heat Pack. This link has great step by step instructions to make the square ones: Cozy Hand Warmers.

I also made some animal menagerie jars for some younger cousins. Primed the plastic animals before I painted them, it took a couple of coats but they turned out pretty good.

Animal Menagerie

I got the idea from these posts: Animal Topped Jar. I used plastic jars for the younger kids.

My friend Kelly and I also had a crafting day earlier in November where we tried out making jewelry holders. Kelly did a great job painting them and we had a fun assortment of animals.

Kelly's animals

I also made my husband and I stockings this year, as it was our first Christmas as a newly married couple. We wanted to start some of our own traditions. In my family my Mom made us all our stockings, they are all in red velvet but have subtle differences (Mine has a lace heel and toe, one of my brothers has a bow tie etc.). As more family members came along we each got one that matched but had its own unique character. So I wanted to do the same with ours, we found some beautiful wool cashmere blend in my Mom’s fabric stash, and some lovely neutrals for accents. I also used my Mom’s original stocking pattern.

Stocking pattern   Stockings Both

I also got a great lesson in button making from my Mom. We used some scraps from my Wedding dress to cover the buttons for mine, and we used some vintage wooden ones for my husband’s.

Stocking Amy   Stocking Eric

I was still playing around on adding some lace to the heel of mine, but I ran out of time before Christmas. So I’ll sleep on it til next year, and we’ll see how I feel about it next December.

Next we’ve got handmade tea towels!

Tea Towels 4

Found some great ideas from this post: DIY Tea Towel. They show you how to do stencils with fabric markers. I did mine free hand, but did sew some fabric pieces on for added visual interest. Allowed us to personalize them and add some inside jokes.

Have a Nice.   Beer Tea Towel

I also found some great ideas for Christmas cards on Pinterest. This one in particular with the buttons I thought was super cute. I just sewed the buttons down to the card and taped the back to secure the thread to the card.

Christmas Card

Finally, one of my most favourite and ambitious of my Christmas Crafting projects was a play mat for my 2 year old nephew. He loves cars, and the idea came from making him a car box (A wooden box full of small toy cars). Then I thought how cool would it be a have a play mat that could roll up and go inside the box that had roads and police stations and fire stations….It expanded from there. It ended up having velcro attachments for stop signs, road block signs, trees and even a black cat that looks like their pet Pippin.

Noah's play matt

It turned out pretty well. I used a mix of fabric markers, craft paint and felt. I had a lot of fun making it and I think my nephew is having fun playing with it.

Holiday Crafting Done!

Hope you’re having a great start to 2015!

Stay warm, stay inside and get crafting!!


Amy Marie


Vintage inspired Summer Headbands

After raiding my mother’s numerous bins of ribbon and lace, I came home with a few very full bags of goodies to play around with making some simple vintage inspired headbands. The results turned out pretty good so far, and super simple to make.

Headbands and flowers

I based the measurements off of a headband I have that fits fairly well. The focus point of the headband (in this case the lace) works well at about 15 inches in its full length.

Measuring tape and lace long

I tried a few different ways to fasten it on. I used a simple ivory ribbon, two pieces at about 12 inches or so each, you just need enough to make a good tie at the back of your head. You can always go a bit longer if you like the look of the ribbon hanging down the back. You can also use an elastic and fasten it at the bottom. I tried tying two hair elastics together, if you loop them together and sew the lace to either end. Because it’s stretchy you only need about 3.5 or 4 inches, depending on the size of your head or how tight you want it. I would suggest pinning the lace to the elastic and then trying it on. Just be careful not to poke yourself with the pins. 🙂

2014-06-29 20.44.06 Next, we need to attach the ribbon to the lace. If the ribbon and lace are the same width, you can simply line them up and hand stitch them together. I would recommend using a lighter or candle to gently melt the ends of the ribbon first so you don’t have to worry about them fraying.

If the lace is slightly wider than your ribbon, as in the case of this one, you gently fold the edges of the lace around the ribbon and pin it in place, and hand stitch it to the ribbon. I just did about half an inch overlap.

Close up of lace

There you have it! Super simple lovely headbands, the lace trim makes the perfect hair accessories. You can try it in different colors or jazz up it up with some lace appliques, pearls or a bit of bling.

Headband in hair

Mismatch of hairbands

You could also create vintage flowers out of the lace trim and scrap fabrics.

Vintage flowers

But that’s a craft for another day!

Until then, Go make something pretty! 🙂

xox – Amy Marie

DIY: With Kelly & Renee!

These two peas in a pod are good friends, roommates and very crafty DIY’ers. Their apartment always looks fantastic, they are not afraid to use bright colours or tackle more complicated projects. Here is a glimpse into some of their crafty adventures and the fun that is Kelly and Renee.

Renee and KellyI asked these ladies a few questions (Q) They gave their answers. R for Renee and K for Kelly.

Q: You two have known each other for almost four years, how long have you lived together?

R: Less than a year, about 10 months, but it feels longer. In a good way!

Q: How many DIY home decor crafts have you guys done in your apartment together?

R: About 10 or so in the living space.

Light end tableAbove is the side table lantern they recovered with fabric. (Pillow cases Renee found at Honest Ed’s) Behind it is the room divider they repainted. Fantastic shade of red with the black frame.

Q: Renee, what is Kelly’s favourite colour? (Kelly was not in the room)

R: This feels like a dating game show!! [Laughing] The colour of her room…? Teal.

[That would be wrong]

Q: (Kelly now in the room with us) Kelly, what is Renee’s favourite colour?

K: [Laughing] What this! A dating game show?

R: That’s what i said!!

K: [Thinking for a moment] …Blue!

Q: Renee… is that your favourite colour?

R: I don’t really have a favourite colour. But green is my power colour.

Kelly begins to explain she figured Renee would have chosen blue because she loves being near the ocean and it’s the colour of the sky. Renee quickly changed her answer. 

R: Yes! [laughing] That answer. Blue is good!

Q: Kelly, what IS your favourite colour?

K: It’s green. Why? What did Renee say?

R: Teal. I was close!

Board beginning Renee's board glued

Board done R&K ** They recovered an old canvas. Found some great fabric with a modern print. Ironed it, stretched it over the older canvas and glue gunned it in place. Looks wonderful behind their craft table.


Q: The most challenging DIY project you guys have done so far?

R: Spray paint. It’s not difficult, it’s just a bit of a bitch. When you live in an apartment and you don’t really have anywhere to do it. We do it outside and we try to wear masks and do it at night so we aren’t poisoning the air for our neighbors. But yeah, the fumes get really bad.

Spray paint board 2014-05-27 15.00.22

* Speaking of spray paint. Check out their lovely elephant and giraffe wall art. Again, they reused old canvases and made their own stencils. Also, the painted wine bottle. Love the dipped gold bottom.

Q: Kelly, what’s the next project you are really looking forward to tackling for your apartment?

K: We are going to do a collage of painted picture frames on the wall above the couch.

Q: Renee, how many boards do you have on pinterest and how often do you go on it?

R: Public or Private? [Laughing] I have about 5 public and 4 private. Lots of DIY, Home stuff, Fashion, Quotes (I love the inspiration quotes). The private ones are where I have my dream boards, travel, beauty etc. It’s like the new magazine. I can spend hours on it, but I try to limit myself.

2014-05-27 15.07.45  Q: Kelly, bows or polka dots?

K: Ack! That’s a hard one…. umm bows.

Q: Renee, Hot glue or super glue?

R: Hot always. Super glue scares me.

*To the left are the roses Renee made out of dried leaves. She also aged the bottles and made them look slightly blue tinted.


Q: Okay, last ones. Kelly, finish this sentence.

Mason Jars are ______.

K: “Great candle holders”

Q: Renee, this one is for you. Chalkboard paint is ______.

R: “Going on my desk!”

Good answers! Well done ladies. I look forward to more of your fun projects. Keep up the delightful crafting!

Until next time,

Go Make Something! 🙂

xox – Amy Marie

Reduce Reuse Re-paint!

Another fun find from the barn. I’ve been looking for a stepping stool for the bathroom, the high cupboards are just too high. My Dad had this old thing sitting around but it needed some serious TLC.

2014-05-13 19.06.05 2014-05-13 19.05.56

I tried to scrape the paint off, but there were at least three different colors and layers. Plus all the uneven drips of paint on the legs. So, I did my best. Then sanded down the best I could. I do like the old vintage chic look with subtle chipped paint. So I painted the whole stool white, then sanded down the edges to reveal some of the blue from underneath. Sanded down the places that normal wear would occur.

2014-05-14 10.10.03 2014-05-14 10.10.19

There we have it!

Reused and repainted.

And now I can finally reach those high cupboards. (Yay!)

2014-05-14 10.14.01

Until next time,

Go Make (or Paint) Something!

xox Amy Marie

Repurposing Old Things: Mantel Makeover

Over Easter I went through my parents’ barn back home in search of some treasures. We are in need of some more book shelves and storage in the apartment. Found some great old wooden crates. These guys are found all over pinterest and  DIY projects, you can do tons of crafty storage ideas with them. So I spent the bulk of the afternoon cleaning these babies up. They turned out pretty great.

2014-04-21 10.09.27 Here they are (above) straight out of the barn. Holy dust and dirt batman! Once I got the initial dirt layer cleaned off, I used some wood cleaner and a mineral oil. These crates were super dry and soaked up the furniture oil pretty fast. I did sand down some of them a bit, to make them a bit more living room friendly. I would just advise going easy on the ends of the crates if they have stamps on them. Some of the stamps on the sides were still visible and I wanted to preserve them because they looked pretty cool. One of them was dated 1962, and another one actually says Grimsby Foods. Also go easy on the furniture oil over the stamps. It darkens the wood a bit and may make the stamp fade.

Crate before on the left and the finished one on the right.

2014-05-13 14.49.392014-05-13 15.41.55

Once they were all done I was super stoked to find them a home in the apartment.  Two of them found a place on our faux fireplace mantel as extra book shelves and gave some height to the room.

Mantel before….

2014-05-13 18.51.06


Mantel after….

2014-05-13 19.17.56

2014-05-13 19.18.31

2014-05-13 19.18.05

Now I just need to find a home for the other three.

I’m thinking bookshelf. More to come!

2014-03-05 16.47.31


Also on repurposing old things. I wanted to make a breakfast nook in the kitchen. SOoo I took my old out door garden bench and cleaned it up. Put it up against the wall, added some pillows and made a nook!

Old things find a new home. If you can’t make it, make use of what you’ve got.




Thanks for checking in!

Until next time,

Go Make (or repurpose) Something!

xox Amy Marie

I Made Breakfast!

2014-05-03 12.13.49

I’m not very good at making anything in the kitchen, but the other morning I was craving pancakes. So we got everything we needed to make them, we had a couple friends coming over for brunch and I chickened out. My Partner (Eric) took over and made scrambled eggs, potatoes etc.

So on Saturday morning I woke up and decided I would give it a go. Eric (The chef in our house) insisted he didn’t know how to make them and if I wanted them I would have to make it happen. I turned to my trusted pinterest for inspiration and help. (Yet, during the making of the pancakes I grew a bit skeptical of Eric’s previously stated lack of pancake skills…or else he is one very fast learner.)

Luckily I found this great recipe for “Old Fashioned Pancakes.” I used brown sugar instead of white, and we added a bit of cinnamon. They were fluffy and delicious, a great success!! (phew!)

2014-05-03 12.18.51

Here is the recipe:

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
3 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 tablespoon brown sugar
3 tablespoons butter, melted
1 egg
1 1/4 cups milk
Vegetable oil for the pan

* I added a healthy sprinkle of cinnamon.


Sift together flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar in a large bowl.
Whisk in melted butter, egg, and milk until combined. Let batter rest for 5 minutes.
Preheat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add some vegetable oil to the pan. Pour batter into the hot skillet, about 1/4 cup of batter for each pancake. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes, until bubbles appear on the sides and center of each pancake. Flip and cook until golden, about 1 to 2 minutes.

Original recipe serves 12, we adjusted it to serve 4. Recipe was found here:

2014-05-03 12.24.16

Delicious and super simple. If I could do it, anyone can do it.

Bon Appetit!

Until next time,

Go Make Something!

xox – Amy Marie

May Feature: Making Music with Tony

He’s talented, his funny, he’s really good at making strange noises, he’s also my little brother. Composer, Musician and Sound Artist,  Anthony William Wallace, known to me as Tone Balone.

Tony singing

Here’s a glimpse into him and his hand made musical talents in 20 questions. I’m asking the questions (Q) and Tony gave his answers (A).

Q: What instruments do you play?

A: Violin, banjo, guitar, drums, piano, harmonica, jaw-harp, mandolin.

Q: What was your first musical instrument and when did you start?

A: The Fisher-price xylophone when was I two.

Q: What is your favourite found object that you have used to create musical sounds? (That wasn’t originally intended to be a musical instrument)

A: My Hands. Hand Farts.

Q: Where did you train and what for?

A: I took private violin lessons, with Julie Hartburg, studied the Suzuki Method. Went to York University, studied Improv/Classical Violin and Composition. Also studied some hand percussion in Ghana, Africa. (Not hand farts). 

Q: First Piece you ever wrote?

A: In grade 12 with Calder [Cheverie], he played guitar and I played Piano, we both sang. I didn’t sing loud enough, I don’t think anyone could hear. I can’t even remember what it was called. The next one after that was “Oh Sister” with The Orchards.

Q: First band or ensemble you were ever a part of/formed? (Separate from a known association).

A: High school band, with some friends (Calder, Rico, Kyle and myself). We were called “Street Corner Conservative” or “Citizen Clark” after Joe Clark. We kept flipping back and forth. We never played a show. Just a lot of Weezer covers.

Q: Michael Jackson or Bono? 

A: Michael Jackson without hesitation.

Q: Your greatest musical influences?

A: Tom Waits, Josh White, Harry Partch.

Q: Your favourite song lyric? (One line or less)

A: One more cup of coffee before I go.

Orchards Gigging

Q: Your folk band “The Orchards” (With Daniel John Tayler, and Gabrielle Sylvane Charron-Merritt) recently got a rebranding to “Howl Canyon.” How long have you been together and why did you rename the band?

A: Been together 4 years, started as a 6 piece went down to a trio within the first 2 years. About a year and a half as a trio. We just added a drummer (Dwight Schenk), one reason we rebranded. Also, it was hard to find us online. If you google “The Orchards” a lot of things come up before us. Howl Canyon is more easily searchable.

Q: If you had to describe Howl Canyon in one word, what would it be?

A: Twisted. Someone once called us ‘Twisted Gospel’ and ‘Eerie Folk’. I liked that.

Q: How many original songs have you written as a band?

A: About twenty.

Orchards LiveQ: Best place you’ve ever played a gig in T.O.?

A: The Great Hall. Opened for Jay Malinowski, front man for Bedouin Soundclash.

Q: Place you really want to perform at in Toronto but haven’t yet?

A: Hugh’s room.

Q: Music meets environmental conservation. What prompted your recent documentary project “The Peel”?

A: Calder [Director of ‘The Peel” Project] approached me a few years ago about doing a staunchly Canadian project and getting artists together to do a canoe trip, and the recent developments in the peel and the controversy around it, and how it is disappearing right now, put that into the focus. Essentially Calder approached me with the preconceived idea and got me involved.

Q: If you could be any animal what would it be?

A: I did a power animal meditation while I was at Burning Man last year. It was a three hour workshop on how to find your power animal. My power animal was the Ram. He can climb lots of mountains and has cool horns. I’m gonna stick with Ram.

Q: Where/When can we hear “Howl Canyon” Perform next?

A: The Launch for our new EP will be this summer sometime. TBD. Also, Amy and Eric’s wedding in Cape Breton. [It’s true, they are playing at my wedding this summer].

Howl Canyon

Q: Is there an instrument that you want to play but don’t yet?

A: A Dobro. It’s like a slide guitar.

Q: Best advice anyone has ever given you in regards to creating?

A: To have a No No’s period during the creative process. To have that period in an open environment where everything is a yes and you don’t restrict yourself.

Q: If you could say one thing to your 8 year old self who is procrastinating from practicing the violin because you’d rather sit on the couch and play N64, what would you say?

A: I should say it to my 27 year old self. (I have two video controllers in my bag!). I don’t know what I’d say. Wash your hair maybe? Go wipe your nose. I’d probably say don’t worry about it. I don’t think it matters at that point, I don’t think it should be a stress. It should just be fun.

Howling Howl Canyon

For more info on Tony and links to his projects check out:

To check out some sweet tunes from Howl Canyon go to

And to learn more about “The Peel”documentary and how you can get involved please visit their site:

Thanks for checking in!

There’s always more to come.

Until then,

Go Make Something!

(and yes, hand fart noises count)

xox – Amy Marie

Easter Fun with Play doh


I have been trying to think of a fun Easter craft to do this year that would be young kid friendly. There are tons that involve using real eggs, hard boiled eggs and food colouring, paint, decorating etc. But my little nephew just turned two and a lot of those crafts can be a bit tricky for the wee ones. Then I was recently reminded how much fun kids have playing with play doh and decided to put together a little easter play doh activity that would still feel festive, but simple and safe that I could  do with my little nephew Noah over Easter.

Playdoh rainbow

Homemade play doh is awesome. It’s super easy to make and it’s safe for little kids. I made mine in pastel easter colors. I also got a bunch of plastic easter eggs, and styrofoam eggs to be used with the play doh. (I just went to the dollar store and grabbed a few things that looked fun). You can cover the plastic egg with play doh, and decorate it, or open it and fill it with play doh. Turn the styrofoam egg into a funny character with an egg belly, the fun is endless! I also found some great funny face stickers for decorating and some small tupperware containers with snap down lids so it would keep the play doh fresh, and kid friendly so they can put it away on their own when they are all done.

Fun things for playdoh

Part one is simply make the play doh. There are tons of play doh recipes online. This is the one I used because it was a no cook, and no cream of tartar. The ingredients were simple and it didn’t take long at all.


Ingrediants for Play doh

4 cups of flour

1 cup of warm water

1 ½ cup of salt (Because we are not using cream of tartar)

2 Tbsp Canola or vegetable oil – I did olive oil because it’s nice on the hands.

Food coloring of your choice


Here we go!

1) Divide warm water into four different bowls – works out to 1/4 cup in each bowl

2) Add food colouring to each bowl – Four different colours. I wanted to do easter colours so I did yellow, pink (light on the red food colour) blue, and purple (By mixing equal parts blue and red).

3) Add vegetable oil, put ½ Tbsp in each bowl

Food coloring

4) In a separate mixing bowl – Mix all the dry ingredients, 4 cups flour, 1 ½ cups of salt.

Dry ingriediants mix

5) Add a cup of our dry mixture into each bowl. Stir till thoroughly mixed.

Mix play doh


5) Sprinkle some flour on your chopping block and take each color out one at a time and knead them until smooth. I would start with the lighter color, and be aware if little bits from the previous color are still on your cutting block. I know the colors will probably get all mixed together once the kids get them, but we can try and keep them separate for now.

Play doh kneededI am not so great at measuring flour, and I had a bit too much dry ingredients for some of my colors so I added a bit more water and a bit more oil during the kneading process and they turned out great.  They say if you keep them in an air tight container or plastic sandwich bag and put them in the fridge they will keep longer.

Part two: Make something!

Egg Bunny

(This is Mr. Egg Bunny)

I had to give it a practice run before I take it to the expert tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes over with my nephew and I’ll report back. But I predict it’s pretty hard to go wrong with play doh and funny face stickers.

Easter craft all together


Until next time,

Go Make Something!

xox Amy Marie

More Fun with Vintage Buttons: Earrings and Hair clips

More ideas for Button Jewelry!

Earrings made out of buttons! If you have some buttons with holes in the centre, you’re halfway there. You’ll also need some jump rings and ear hooks. Depending on how long you would like them to be, you can use one button, or two buttons, or five buttons. I like the look of of two buttons long on these ones. It shows off the nautical pattern on them.

Buttons earrings apart

Step one: Open up the large jump ring and loop it through the hole of the button. Loop that same jump ring through the next button as well (as seen below). If you want more length, you could loop an extra jump ring between buttons. Or if you want shorter earrings, just use one button. Since I used two buttons, I had to loop a second large jump ring through the top button.

Earrings half way Step Two: Loop the little jump ring through the larger jump ring at the top, then loop your ear hook on the little one at the top.

Button earring done

DONE!! You’ve got some great one of a kind button earrings.

Next project: Hair clips. Super simple. You can find clips at craft stores, bead stores or use a clip you already have that you don’t wear anymore. Then you need your buttons and some glue. I used epoxy again.

Step one: Pick out your buttons. I like the look of three buttons in a row. So I played around with the same buttons I used for the earrings.

Hair clip pieces

Step two: Line up the buttons face down. If they have no knobs on the back (like these ones) then you’re ready to glue them. If they have little knobs on them, you’ll need side cutters to cut them off to make them flat. You may need to rough up or scratch the face of the hair clip or the back of the buttons. If everything’s super smooth, the epoxy won’t stick well.

Step three: Glue them. Line up your buttons face down and make sure the pattern’s going the direction you want them to. Put the glue on the hair clip and lay it down on top (as seen below).

Button hair clip glued

Step four: Let the glue dry. Because these buttons have holes in them, you may want to check on it and pick it up to make sure the glue doesn’t ooze through and get it stuck to your work surface.

Button clips all done

Button hair clips!!

Thanks for checking in, there’s more fun to come.

For anyone in the Niagara, Southern Ontario area: I’ll be participating in an Artisans Market at Diamond Estates Winery, this Saturday April 12th. 11:00 – 4:00.

Artisans Market - Ad

There’ll be lots of great vendors, some delicious local food and wine tasting!!

For more information check out:

Until then,
Go Make Something!
xox Amy Marie

Simple Chalkboards – Fun signage for home or special events!

Chalkboards seem to be a big trend these days. You see them in kitchens, kids’ craft rooms, on fridges, everywhere. Well, if you rent your home (like me) or even if you don’t want to commit to painting on an actual wall, or the price tags of the trendy chalkboards in stores aren’t quite in your budget, here is a fun way to make some on your own.

What you will need:     

Both frames

A picture frame – If you have one that’s not currently holding a picture, great!  If not, you can get some at a dollar store, craft store (Michaels), or if in Toronto, go check out Honest Ed’s (While you still can). I got these two for under $10.

Chalkboard paint – You can get a can at any hardware store, or even some craft stores. A small can like this one is about $8.

Paint Brush – Some people suggest using a roller for chalkboard paint. Check out what the can says. One of the picture frames I was using was too small for a roller so I just used a smaller paint brush. As long as the paint brush is suitable for oil paints, it can handle chalkboard paint.

** Read your can of paint carefully for clean up requirements. You may need some thinning product or mineral spirits for cleaning.

chalk board paint

Step one: Take the frame apart and put the glass in a safe place (we won’t need it – but you may want to convert it back to a picture frame later so don’t get rid of it).

Frame a part

Step two: Get your painting area ready, then paint a layer on the front of the insert for the frame. Be sure you are in a well ventilated area (This stuff is stinky). There may be little bumps from the hooks on the back, don’t worry. If you do a couple layers of chalkboard paint (Make sure it dries in between coats) it will cover them up a bit. This stuff is thick, try to keep your strokes in one direction. The paint will settle a little after it dries. So get your layer down quickly, don’t fuss too much and then leave it alone. Let it fully dry and then you can do another coat.

Painted boardspainted back


** As an alternative to using the frame back. If you know someone who is handy with carpentry tools, you could have them cut you out a piece of wood to fit the frame. Especially if the frame is larger. Masonite works great because it’s nice and smooth. Otherwise you may need some fine sandpaper to make it smooth. That’s what I did with the frame below, I found it on sale at a craft store because it had no back.

2014-04-07 16.16.30

Step Three: Once the back is all dry, you can return it to the frame and you have yourself a chalkboard. Great for grocery lists in the kitchen, inspirational words for mother nature, signage for parties, or to display seating charts at larger gatherings.

Chalkboard done

2014-04-07 16.00.52


If you are using an old picture frame you already have, or if you find one and the price is right but you aren’t crazy about. Paint them! Slap some white paint on it, sand it off a bit for a fun antique look. Get super crafty and glue some family photos around the frame. Have kids put some of their favourite stickers on it. Even just use a permanent marker and write some of your favourite quotes or kind words around the border. Go crazy!

There you have it, simple inexpensive chalkboards.

Thank you for checking in, and to all of you who are already following my blog. Thank you for your support and for showing interest in a newbie blogger. It really means a lot.

There’s more to come!  Next post, some more fun with Buttons.

Until then,

Go Make Something! 🙂

xox Amy Marie

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